Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is the Constitution Alive?

Good question. Some say it is a living document, inferring of course that it has the ability to change with the wind. Congress is now prepared to lop off a limb of the living document by imposing more Draconian restrictions on the law abiding citizens of this once great country. Representative Bobby Rush (D) of Illinois (where else?) is prepared to push a bill that will drastically change the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The law would require that all handgun owners submit to the federal government a photo, thumb print and mental heath records. The bill would also order the attorney general to establish a database of every handgun sale, transfer and owner's address in America.

Now the bill is called HR 45 on the floor but Mr. Rush refers to it as the "Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009." Blair was a teenager that was shot in Illinois. Nothing like tugging on the heart strings to grease the transition to a totalitarian state.

If this it is passed, the bill would make it illegal to own or possess a "qualifying firearm." A qualifying firearm is defined as any handgun or any semiautomatic firearm that takes an ammunition clip – without a "Blair Holt" license. To obtain a license, an applicant must submit a photo, address, all previous aliases, thumb print, completion of a written firearm safety test, release of mental health records to the attorney general and a fee not to exceed $25. It will also be illegal to transfer ownership to anyone other than a dealer.

This piece of crap...errr legislation is currently in the House Judiciary Committee where it should die an awful and ugly death. I believe like Charlton Heston did. They can take mine out of my cold dead hand.