Friday, April 4, 2008

Planned Parenthood in a Growth Industry - Unless you are a Fetus.

Planned Parenthood, the oxymoronic named abortion provider, has reported profits in the last fiscal year of $1 billion. How did they do it you ask? Why, more abortions and federal funding of course. Planned Parenthood receives one third of its budget from the federal government. That's $336.7 million last year of tax payer money. Guess what? They want even more this year. The PP lobbyists are out in full force. Business is swift at the clinics also. Total number of abortions for the fiscal year were 289,750, up 24,807 from the previous year.

My stomach turns and I feel ill at the thought that we are talking about human life here, not widgets. What a great business plan. Sell more murders while increasing funding from the government.

What is Obama's stance on abortion, you may be wondering? He said that he would not want his daughters, ages 9 and 6, to be PUNISHED with a baby if they were to get pregnant. He is talking about his own grandchild here. How does he get away with this garbage?

Contact Baron Hill. Contact all of our state leaders and tell them no more funding for an organization that commits infanticide almost one thousand times daily. Cut them off completely. They can hand out condoms on their own dime. I know the answer you will get from Baron's office because I have contacted them before. He believes in the taxpayer's right to subsidize abortion clinics.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oil in the Lower 48 - Twenty Years Worth

Well it's not the Economist, but another quality publication is reporting something that intelligent people everywhere have known for years - America has oil in the ground! and lots of it. Kiplinger reported the new oil find in March of this year.
It is stashed away miles under foot in a remote place called North Dakota where the natives speak with strange English usually only heard in movies. There is a region there known as the Bakken oil fields that experts claim holds more than 100 billion barrels of oil. That is enough to meet America's needs for up to twenty years and give us time to develop the new energy sources that we so desperately need. It may take five years to fully utilize the reserve there, but good ole ingenuity will bring it to the surface. Best of all, there are no Caribou or Flying Squirrels that will be pushed off their natural habitat.
This is a huge strategic advantage for the U.S. We can finally break our strangle hold on those menacing Canadians (our largest supplier of oil) and Mexicans (our second largest supplier of oil) and be self sustaining in the energy department. Maybe in twenty years we can import sun light from the Canadians to power our solar gizmos. But, Ted Turner says we will all be cannibals in thirty years, so I guess enjoy it while you can.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Road to Perdition is Paved with Pacifism

"If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans." Old Yiddish Folk Saying.

We have all heard this one before. But, Christians, this does not mean that we sit back and watch life go by while our society continues on a downhill slide. Wake up people - there is too much work to be done. Others that do not share our beliefs, the liberal and sex crazed media and the public schools are doing the work. Guess what? The results are showing. You can and should get involved socially, politically and educationally.

If you are tired of the media telling our daughters that they need a certain size breast and waist to matter in this society, if you are tired of our sons being told to take performance enhancing drugs to excel in sports, if you are tired of our kids learning that sex is a social happening and not something between one man and one woman that are married then speak up.

If you are sick of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle being pushed down our throats, if you are fed up with our kids being taught that homosexual parents are normal and they are to accepted as such and those who do not want their kids to hear it are the strange ones - attend a school board meeting.

If you have had it with fringe liberal churches ordaining homosexual ministers and excusing child molesters and ignoring the word of God - pray continually and expose them when possible.

If you have heard for too long that the Bible is an antiquated story book of fictional characters, with no truth or relevance to today's world - give your testimony.

If you have seen too many pastors or reverends endorse candidates that are pro-abortion and have racist spiritual leaders - call them out. 40 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade. Get mad about it. While in the Illinois State Senate, Obama blocked a bill that would have guaranteed Constitutional rights to any baby that survived an abortion. Tell everyone you know about this man's stance on abortion. His wife has even spoke out in favor of the dreadful partial birth abortion. Speak up. (Check the link below)

If you are tired of the breakdown of the family and America's core values of hard work, freedom, charity and the sanctity of life being traded for money grabbing corporations and a nanny state - shout it from the rooftops.

I personally am tired of being constantly told to compromise my Christian values to accommodate others. These beliefs I will never compromise and you should not either. Go vote, volunteer on a campaign of someone that shares these values, donate to their effort. Donate to organizations such as ROCK and Choices for Women. They are making a difference, but they need your help.

Being active in the fight is your right as an American and I believe your duty as a Christian. Don't delay any longer. Get involved.