Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anderson Cooper Knows Teabagging

Last night Anderson Cooper made several jokes about those attending the Tax Day Tea Parties and a sexual act usually associated with homosexuals. He stated, "It is hard to talk when you are teabagging." David Gergen laughed like a middle school boy and thus the actions of hundreds of thousands of Americans were discounted. Who cares? They are all a bunch of right wing extremist, gun toting, anti-government, ignorant, back woods conservatives anyway. At least that is what the DHS Secretary warns.

I guess the powers that be at CNN will try anything for ratings. They are wallowing in last place in cable news. I did see a sign on display at one of the parties that summed it up for me: "CNN, You Suck." Not very intellectual, but concise.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Once Knew a Man...

I once knew a man that wore his heart on his sleeve. He had strong convictions and did not mind sharing them with you. He loved his family and made new friends daily. He believed in participating in the lives of his grandchildren. His work ethic was one to be admired. He was hard but caring. He was opinionated but fair. He would listen and offer advice. His legacy is what he instilled in his friends and especially his grandchildren. To them, he was "Big Pa." To me he was a friend. I miss you J.J. May you rest in peace.

Gone to soon... John Evans. Only 48. Your memory will live on in these kids.