Friday, January 9, 2009

Only the Government Can...

You can complete this sentence if you like, but BHO did a pretty good job of it the other day with his stimulus speech.

"It is true that we cannot depend on government alone to create jobs or long-term growth, but at this particular moment, only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe. Only government can break the vicious cycles that are crippling our economy - where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs which leads to even less spending; where an inability to lend and borrow stops growth and leads to even less credit."

Well, you don't say. Then he tore a page out of a tattered Keynesian book with this little gem:
"...we won't get out of it by simply waiting for a better day to come, or relying on the worn-out dogmas of the past."

We can only get out of this if the Fed steps in. Big government is back with a vengeance.

You are going to get a check in the mail, people. But, just like when GWB sent one, you will pay off debt, not spend it at Walmart. Adding to the disgust is the fact that even those that don't pay taxes will get a juicy sum. Most economists call that welfare, unless they are on the Obama economic team.

So...Only government can....?

Get in the way of commerce with draconian restrictions.

Try to run your life with micromanaging a nanny state to create a generation that looks to them for everything.

Slow down and over spend on everything and never do anything as efficiently as the private sector.

That's my top three, let's hear yours.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pardon Me Mr. President

The total number of pardons that President Bush has handed out is approaching 200. Thirty one of these cases involve some type of drug conviction. But, we are hoping and praying and emailing and calling...for the pardon of two American Patriots that were arrested for doing the jobs that their own government hired them to do. Their names are Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. You may or may not know their story, but it is one worth repeating. These two brave men were confronted by a Mexican mad man wildly driving an SUV that was headed straight for the Texas line. Osvaldo Aldrete Davila was bringing his usual load of illegal drugs into our country - 743 pounds of pot. His own mother has publicly stated that he never ran drugs without a gun. Ramos and Compean managed to stop the vehicle and the perp fled even after repeated calls for him to surrender by the agents that had weapons drawn. Then the assailant stopped, turned and reached for something. He was promptly shot in the ass. You would think this might be the end of the story and the end of another day on the border. Not so. The perp fled back into Mexico and was later located by federal authorities. Not only were the border patrol agents arrested, the assailant was given immunity to testify against them in court. During his period of immunity, he tried again to bring drugs into the country.

This is all seems like some insane dream, I know. But, it is all true. The agents are currently serving 11 and 12 year sentences in prison. Aldrete Dávila has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the U.S. government claiming that his civil rights were violated. Johnny Sutton is the one that should be in prison. He is the U.S. Attorney that tried these men. We need to make some noise now. We have twelve days left for Bush to act on this. He is aware of the situation. Call your Senators, Representatives and email the White House. Justice must win out in this case, not only for our nation, but for these men and their families.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009