Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bubba Effect

Oh my, that Glenn Beck can sure stir the pot. Last Friday he devoted his hour long show to some worst case scenarios for America. I believe just about every word he spoke and those of his expert guests. My favorite subject had to be the "Bubba Effect." Loosely translated, this means that when the government becomes too restrictive and starts cracking down on individual freedoms, like minded people will naturally congregate together. Along the way they will stockpile food and ammunition and make provisions for the safety of their families and the group. History shows this to be true. I have heard of the ammo shortages and the coming taxation of it, so I set out today to check for myself. Yep, all true. There is not much out there in the way of lead. 111 Gun Shop had some, but not much of the most popular calibers. Walmart? Forget about it. Their selection looked like it had been picked over by Knob Creek gang. Where to turn? You should probably get with some friends and split a brick from an online resource, and do it like yesterday.

Now intellectuals don't like talking about such things, heck they don't even like saying "Bubba." But, the reality of the situation is not good. As the unemployment rate climbs, so goes the crime rate. It is not the scare tactic hysteria that the left would have you believe. It is happening. I bet those libs will be pounding on Bubba's door when the SHTF. Stay tuned.