Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ramblings About Priorities and Hypocrisy

In a whirlwind week, the president shows the world where his priorities lie. In a trip to Copenhagen, darkened by the $1.2 million in fuel for two planes, Obama will try to woo the Olympic Committee into giving Chicago the 2016 games. Yes, I said two planes, one for him and one for his wife. Carbon footprint be damned. Did you know the White House has an Olympic office? Oh yeah, let's not call the chairperson a Czar, but they have an unspecified budget...of taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, General McChrystal waits for an answer from his boss. No hurry mind you. The General has only talked to Obama once in 70 days. All the while, 43 soldiers have died in Afghanistan since he asked for more boots on the ground. Remember a year ago while Obama was campaigning? I thought he said something about a policy of reinforcing the war in Afghanistan?

Back in D.C., the lawmakers continue to push for a budget busting health care bill that is more about insurance than actual health care. I am actually glad the president is out of the country right now. If I had to listen to the 89th speech on this issue, I would poke a knitting needle through my eardrums.

Now for a bit of good news: The Supreme Court has agreed to hear another gun case that argues the issue of cities and states restricting gun ownership. NO, they can't (see D.C. case). This stems from Chicago's ban on gun ownership. I think I recall an amendment to the Constitution, oh yeah the 14th one, that states if there is a law or right contained in the Constitution, states and cities cannot make a law that undermines that right. Slam dunk on this one. The only real question is if the new Justice will remove herself?