Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Win for Indiana Concealed Carriers

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled earlier this month in favor of a man that was handcuffed during a traffic stop because he was in possession of a firearm. The man was in legal possession with a necessary permit. The man's Fourth Amendment rights were infringed upon, according to the court. Simply having a gun does not necessitate an officer restraining someone for safety.

Also on the good news front: Governor Daniels has signed a bill that will let homeowners put political yard signs out 30 days before an election regardless of Home Owner's Association restrictions. Score one for free speech.


Bob G. said...

Makes me want to get a CCP even MORE now.


bayernfan said...

While I may not agree with you on many issues, Daniel, it was nice to meet you last week at the bookstore. You seem like a good guy. Good luck on Tuesday!